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Medicine for the 21st Century — A New Vison

  • Medical care like none other
  • A visit to your physician leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed
  • An environment full of serenity that inspires you to achieve new levels of health, wellness and healing


Welcome to Integrative Regenerative Medicine at OPTI Health LKN

You deserve healthcare that recognizes and honors the unique individual that you are, personalized, with your specific needs, goals and values in mind. Through an individualized partnership with your Integrative Regenerative Medicine team at OPTI Health LKN Regenerative Health, you have the opportunity to have a deep and personal experience that will set you on a different path to health from one you have known before.

Integrative Regenerative Medical Specialist

Delina H. Bishop, M.D.

Dr. Bishop’s dream of becoming a physician was sparked during a childhood riddled with numerous visits to her exceptionally kind and caring Pediatrician in her hometown of Lake City, Florida. This dream began to blossom further at the age of 15 while teaching a newly immigrated Chinese gynecologist how to speak English. At this time, Dr. Bishop (then McNair), was first introduced to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After having Acupuncture treatments by this physician that were highly successful (surprisingly, to this American southern bred teen…!), she was determined to eventually have a medical practice that blended the best of what both the Western and Eastern medical traditions had to offer. Thirteen years of training, followed by nine years of medical practice in the U.S. have enforced her belief in the need for the use of the tools offered to us from both Eastern, Traditional Medicine and the Western, conventional medical world in which she received her primary medical education. Opening HealthWell MD, an Integrative Medicine and Primary Care practice in Mooresville, NC was the culmination of this belief and result of her many observations while maneuvering through the complexities of the current U.S medical system. Joining the OPTI Health LKN team January 2024 is the further evolution of Dr Bishop’s mission to serve patients, now with a full complement of team members offering extensive healing modalities.

Dr Bishop became Board Certified in Family Medicine after completing residency at Brody School of Medicine at ECU and added a second Board Certification in Palliative Medicine in 2012.

Integrative physician consultations take a broader view of all aspects of a patient’s health. The term “integrative” means that we take the best of conventional medicine and integrate the best of the complementary therapies that have evidence to back up their use.

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