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The OPTI Health Approach

OPTI Health LKN Regenerative Health and Integrative Precision Medicine offers unique strategies designed to help you realize your best possible health, wellness and healing:

A plan for health and wellness

Working in partnership with you, our Integrative Regenerative Health team takes the time to create a customized, proactive, long-term wellness plan that helps you live life to its fullest.  Feel like a new person!

Focusing on healing

Your treatment plan will include all the tools you will need to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well as all the ongoing support you will need after any major life and/or medical events.

Addressing all aspects of your health

We customize your treatment plan to include the most individually effective strategies to incorporate into your life—medical treatment and advice, supplements, acupuncture, movement and exercise, mindfulness meditation, nutrition, therapeutic massage, and mind body techniques.

Supporting your lifestyle decisions and ownership of your own healthcare

Your integrative physician partners with you over time to be sure you have all of the tools to adopt the healthier habits and life skills that your choose.
Your OPTI Health LKN Regenerative Health team takes the time to understand who you are and works with you to create a plan to address your health concerns and identify your health goals. Together, you will develop a comprehensive treatment and wellness plan to achieve your goals, integrating the very best conventional medicine has to offer with proven and effective complementary therapies.

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